Telemor is the international and No. 1 telecommunications operator in Timor – Leste since 2012 with the slogan "Hetan diak liu". Telemor is always operating the corporate social responsibility (CSR) to share our love, care with all the children of orphans because children are the future of Timor who will lead, build and develop the country in future.

Therefore, we through actions bring the support and love and caring from the family and society, where the basic needs in life, food, shelter, clothing, healthier, education and safety to children.
Telemor were visiting a place of orphans to share the happiness with the orphan by singing together with them, playing games, and delivering the basic needs to the orphanages. 
Furthermore, Telemor also cooperated with SABEH (saude bae ma hotu) to provide the free medical check up to the children at orphanage, to make sure about the health care

Our Focus Areas